Our services in these areas of responsibility can be provided on a temporary or part-time basis as our client’s needs demand. The services can be performed until a newly created position is filled or until a replacement is hired for an existing position. In addition, our services can be offered as a package of financial services rather than hiring a full-time controller, CFO or a complete accounting department.

The objective in offering our services in these capacities is to provide timely, relevant and reliable financial and operational information and consultation in an efficient and effective manner. In order to accomplish this objective, we perform the administration and the processing of transactions which are the underlying data for the needed financial and operational reports used to assist management in decision making and in the operation of the firm.

Our services in connection with these important functions can range from the traditional and routine accounting functions to the higher end services such as business planning, budgeting, capital investment, cost projection analysis and other such services which the firm may need in order to improve efficiencies and decision making and contribute to the long term success of the firm.

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