Lovoy & Associates provides consulting, accounting and administrative services related to Trust Funds and Joint Litigation Defense Funds. We have systems which we designed and established for implementing the procedures, controls, accounting, and reporting for such funds. Our services are designed to provide timely, reliable and pertinent information to the Firm or Group. The independent and objective services we provide can include:

  • Assistance with the establishment of the fund and related bank account(s)
  • Adaptation of our established systems, procedures, controls, accounting and reports to the particular fund
  • For Joint Litigation Defense Funds, we administer the receipt of payments from members and maintenance of records reflecting all cash receipts and disbursements and the status of each member’s cash balance within the fund
  • Receipt and processing of experts’ and vendors’ invoices and the management of the approval and payment process for such invoices
  • Payment of invoices, allocation of expenses to members, classification of the disbursements and related record keeping
  • Preparation of summary reports to counsel
  • Preparation of necessary tax forms
  • Accounting for member withdrawals and final fund termination

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